Management of risk is a continuous process and the cornerstone of all the HSEQ elements. We regularly identify the hazards and assess the risks associated with our activities. We take all the appropriate action to manage the risks and prevent or reduce the impact of potential accidents.

People's behaviour is critical to HSEQ performance; therefore, our workforce are carefully selected and trained, and their skills and competencies regularly assessed.

All our activities performed to ensure safe, secure, healthy, high quality and environmentally sound performance.

Emergency management plans are maintained to cover all our operations. These plans will identify equipment, training and personnel necessary to protect the workforce, customers, public, environment and our reputation in the event of an accident.

Accidents will be reported, investigated and analysed to prevent recurrence and improve our HSEQ performance. Our investigations will focus on root causes and/or system failures. Corrective actions and preventive measures will be utilised to reduce future injuries and losses.